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Hi everyone. Way cool community. I love outer space, but I'm no "nerd" & I really came here for some homework help. It's a very interesting question which so far no other community has been able to answer, so any help would be much appreciated!

Okay. My professor the other day was talking about how Ptolemaic theorists (who of course thought the earth was static and that the celestial bodies revolved around it , and not the other way round) were able to calculate the future position of any star. For example, how a person could figure out where x star would be four months from when and where it is observed. No matter how many times I raised my hand, for the life of me it didn't make sense!

I need to learn exactly what the procedure was for calculating the positions of stars according to Ptolemy. All I remember was that my teacher said one first had to locate the North Star and its "degrees to the earth". Second, he said something about counting the degrees the star in question would move eastward. That's really all I could make of it.

Could somebody help, please? Remember, We're talking about how to calculate star positions according to Ptolemaic logic , NOT how it's done today!
Thank you!
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